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INTERESTED IN AN apprenticeship?
Serious inquiries only. Call (518) 427-1000 or email
impulsetattoo518@gmail.com. $8,000 investment.


Please be prepared to show proper photo ID (driver's license/permit, passport, etc). All minors (any person under the age of 18) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Download appropriate form below and have it notarized prior to your arrival to the studio. Parent/Guardian must be present with the minor. Piercings performed solely upon the earlobe are permitted at any age.

Download Release Form

Microdermal Piercings... the latest trend in body piercing and we've got 'em!
Microdermal piercings (dermal anchoring or microdermal implants) are a single piercing on the body where part of the jewelry is visible on the skin's surface, and the other part is just under the skin. They are held in place by a titanium plate, which has holes in it for tissue to grow through, anchoring your jewelry. Titanium, is used to avoid any risk of rejection by the body.